Black Harvest #1, 2

January 23, 2006 | Comics


Black Harvest #1, 2 (of 6)
Josh Howard
Devil’s Due Publishing
$3.25 US
**** (out of five)

Hmmm… Cute babes, blood and gore: why does all this seem familiar?
Josh Howard, creator of Dead@17, is back with Black Harvest, another book featuring a cute and bloodthirsty female lead venturing into a mystery of paranormal origin.
But there the comparisons end.
Internet reporter Daniel Webster’s life gets turned upside down when on an assignment to cover a possible UFO sighting, he discovers a half-naked teenaged girl on the middle of a dusty old Texas road with the word “repent” carved into her belly. It turns out the girl, Zaya Vahn, has been missing for three years and now Webster is being questioned by police.
Meanwhile Zaya begins to exhibit some strange behaviour, such as pyrokinetically torching a nurse at the hospital sent to and having another word “atonement” mysteriously appear carved into her back.
Black Harvest is another smart, sexy thrill-ride from Howard, who you’ve got to admire for having the courage of knowing just what he wanted to do and not being afraid to dip into a similar well to tell another great story.
Either that or you can immediately typecast him as “that cute babes, blood and gore guy”.

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