Black Cherry

July 23, 2007 | Comics


Black Cherry
Doug TenNapel
Image Comics
$17.99 US (Paperback)
*** 1/2 (out of five)

Doug TenNapel is truly the master of blending genres.
He’s proved it by mixing cats, dogs and giant robots in Gear and cowboys, robots and Sasquatch in Iron West and now he’s done it again in Black Cherry, with the mob, aliens and Catholicism.
Mafioso Eddie Paretti gets stuck between a rock and a hard place as he’s looking for cash to pay off a rather sizable debt. His boss’ No. 1 rival hires him to pull an “easy” inside job by stealing a dead body out of his employer’s freezer.
Of course the whole plan goes wrong when it turns out the body is actually that of an alien being— a very-much-alive alien being!
Now Eddie’s in a jam — does he give this curious visitor, nicknamed Harold Mars, back to his boss, to the rival mob head or return him to the Catholic parish where Harold’s studying to become a priest?
And who exactly is Black Cherry and will she make up Eddie’s mind for him?
There’s sex, violence, horror, aliens and Jesus — yep, TenNapel’s back and as good as ever.

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