Best Of American Splendor

April 4, 2005 | Trades


Best Of American Splendor
Harvey Pekar
Ballantine Books
$25.95/$17.95 US (Paperback)
*** 1/2 (out of five)

Ever anguish over a dying pet?
Or wonder how to peel and eat a tangerine (and dispose of the seeds)?
Or simply hate your job?
Then you’ve got a good perspective into the life of Harvey Pekar, the writer of American Splendor.
Joined by a who’s who of the alternative comics scene, Pekar dances back and forth between historical, autobiographical and occasionally nonsensical stories in this collection of this acclaimed and long-running series.
This is, when Pekar’s not bitching and complaining.
A noted and proudly acknowledged curmudgeon, Pekar gripes about everything from his mundane existence as a hospital file clerk to his distaste for society at large in a manner that will have you seeing your life in a whole new light.

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