Battlehymn #1

March 7, 2005 | Comics


Battlehymn #1
B. Clay Moore, Jeremy Haun
Image Comics
$3.65/$2.95 US
**** (out of five)

The Germany war machine is on the move — but the allied leaders might have bigger fish to fry.
What appears to be a water-breathing man has sunk a U.S. ship and British and American leaders are assembling their best men to investigate. So far, the heroic Proud American, the fleet-footed Johnny Zip, the robotic Artificial Man and one of Britain’s greatest heroes are on board. And they just might have found the perfect bait to capture their prey.
A solid debut issue by B. Clay Moore, with art by impressive newcomer Jeremy Haun and veteran inker Ande Parks, Battlehymn has the potential to be one of the most intreaguing new series of 2005.

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