Angeltown #1 (of 5)

December 6, 2004 | Comics


Angeltown #1 (of 5)
Gary Phillips, Shawn Martinbrough
Vertigo/DC Comics
$4.50/$2.95 US
**** (out of five)

Nate Hollis is a tough, smart P.I. — and he’ll need to be those things to solve the case of his life.
Set on the gritty streets of L.A., Angeltown begins with the murder of the ex-wife of a local basketball star. Nate gets dragged into the action after the star’s lawyer hires him to trying to find the “baller” before the cops do.
But that may be easier said than done.
Weaving intricate subplots involving the murder of Nate’s dad, a couple of goons sent to nab the P.I. by a crime boss and a fired-up bail bondsman, er, woman, who’s hot to catch the “baller,” too, Angeltown is a highly compelling read right from the opening page.
Writer Gary Phillips and artist Shawn Martinbrough may have started something really great here.

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