American Virgin Vol. 3: Wet

December 10, 2007 | Trades


American Virgin Vol. 3: Wet
Steven T. Seagle, Becky Cloonan, Jim Rugg
Vertigo/DC Comics
$15.99/$12.99 US (Paperback)
*** ½ (out of five)

Just when Adam Chamberlain thought his life couldn’t get any weirder…
After a turbulent few months where the deep faith of the teen virginity advocate was tested by the murder of his girlfriend, Cassie, and later witnessing the death of her killer, Adam is back home in the U.S. looking to get back to work.
Unfortunately the plane ride back to Miami ends with it skidding off the runway and Adam having a near-death experience that makes him question whether Cassie was truly the only woman he was ever meant to be with.
Now, with a little help from his shady stepbrothers, Adam attempts to track down Miss Right among a handful of women that he met years ago — an undertaking that leads the formerly clean-cut youth pastor into some more remarkably seedy situations.
If you think you’ve been shocked by previous collections of American Virgin, written by Steven T. Seagle and drawn Becky Cloonan and Jim Rugg, you won’t believe your eyes when you read volume 3.

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