August 29, 2005 | Comics


Jeffrey Brown
Top Shelf Productions
$12 US (Paperback)
**** (out of five)

Jeffrey Brown has established himself as one of the finest non-mainstream comic creators around by becoming a master at telling bittersweet love stories.
With books like Unlikely (how he lost his virginity) and Clumsy (a look at a long-distance love affair), Brown expertly blends self-deprecating humour while confronting his feelings about love, relationships and women.
But his third semi-autobiographical tale, AEIOU — or Any Easy Intimacy — is a little more bitter than sweet.
All the tender (and silly) moments are there: complete with Brown’s quaintly crude renderings of himself and his ex-girlfriend Sophia.
Perhaps reflecting the more adult, serious and complex nature of his love with Sophia, Brown doesn’t shy away from the pain as much, though. He is clearly very deeply affected by the events depicted in AEIOU and that sting oozes out through the pages.
All in all, AEIOU is another fine effort from Brown, but be prepared for a heavier read.

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