Absolute Batman: The Long Halloween

April 16, 2007 | Trades


Absolute Batman: The Long Halloween
Jeph Loeb, Tim Sale
DC Comics
$92/$75 US (Hardcover)
***** (out of five)

Pop quiz for all you non-comic devotees out there: What do the highly successful TV shows Smallville, Lost and Heroes all have in common?
The answer: Jeph Loeb.
Loeb has a long and colourful Hollywood history, co-writing 1980s films like Teen Wolf and Commando and in recent years penning and producing episodes of the three shows above and others.
Beginning in the early 1990s, however, Loeb found a new forum for his skills, as a comic book writer. After one decent miniseries, Loeb, along with friend and artist Tim Sale, produced a series of Batman Halloween specials that were both critical and commercial hits, leading to the opportunity to create the first ever Batman maxiseries (13 issues, two double-sized).
And thus Batman: The Long Halloween was born.
Taking the Dark Knight back to his beginnings, where he is just starting out on his crime-fighting career, Loeb puts the hero through his paces as he tries to catch a mysterious killer who commits a murder on Halloween and another on each subsequent holiday.
Featuring Sale’s breathtaking art, which perfectly echoes the moodiness of the subject matter, The Long Halloween was an instant classic and a natural fit for DC’s Absolute line which delivers deluxe, oversized, slip-cased editions of some of the company’s best stories along with the glut of bonus material.
This new edition is a fitting tribute to Loeb and Sale’s masterpiece and an essential for Bat-fans everywhere.

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