Gutsville #1 (of 6)

July 9, 2007 | Comics


Gutsville #1 (of 6)
Simon Spurrier, Frasier Irving
Image Comics
$3.50/$2.99 US
**** (out of five)

If being lost at sea is a scary thought, then being lost in a sea monster is a nightmare.
This is the bizarre reality of the people of Gutsville — the descendants of the passengers and crew of the HMS Daphne who have survived for over 150 years in the belly of the beast.
Making matters worse in this puritanical society are the rumours of revolution and the presence of a mysterious serial killer they call the nosunman, who’s latest victim Jon Oliphant was the town ratcatcher, forcing his artist son Albert into taking up the family business.
While he’s reluctant to get too into his dad’s work, Albert finds out the business may just have led Jon to something nobody in Gutsville thought existed: A way out.
Gutsville is one of the most unusual and gripping concepts in years. Writer Simon Spurrier and artist Frazier Irving may just have a million-dollar idea here.

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