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Groom Lake

January 29, 2010 | Trades

Groom Lake Chris Ryall, Ben Templesmith IDW Publishing $19.99 U.S. (Paperback) **** (out of five) Karl Bauer’s life changed forever when his dad vanished off the face of the earth one night. It got even more complicated when Barnabus Bauer returned sporting two extra arms, three extra mouths and a mess of tentacles and proceeded to blow up all over him. Groom Lake, the brainchild of IDW boss Chris Ryall and stalwart artist Ben Templesmith, is a fine blend of hick humour, superb sci-fi and black comedy as Karl quickly discovers a hidden world filled with oddball aliens and government goons — all of whom have an unhealthy interest in his crotch. Upon learning his privates could be used to produce a weapon of mass destruction (some might argue the contents of most men’s pants already are), Karl escapes with the help of a cynical government employee (and a lovely one at that); a chain-smoking, big-eyed, sex-crazed alien; two blobs that can disintegrate almost anything; a pair of senile E.T.s; and a giant evil robot. The ensuing race, with Karl and his companions set to turn the unsuspecting world on its ear and the aforementioned government goons trying to stop them, is as fun a trip as you’ll have in comics all year.

Lashley steps away from comics

January 21, 2010 | Interviews

Canadian artist Ken Lashley is ready for a new path in life - one that doesn't include drawing comic books to make a living. For now, at least. Lashley talks with JPK about why he's decided to take a break from working in the comic biz, what Marvel Comics thinks about this move, his new gig as creative director at TransGaming Technologies in Toronto and more. Just click the green arrow below. [dewplayer:]

Teen Titans: Deathtrap

January 7, 2010 | Trades

Teen Titans: Deathtrap Sean McKeever, Marv Wolfman, Angel Unzueta, Tom Lyle, Fernando Dagnino DC Comics $18.99/$14.99 US (Paperback) ** ½ (out of five) A former Titan has crossed the line and has got to face justice. The question is: Will it be Titans justice or Vigilante justice? Deathtrap, a seven-part crossover between Teen Titans, Titans and DC’s new Vigilante series, follows hot on the heels of Titans Vol. 2: Lockdown, as one-time hero, Jericho, continues to lose his mind as he steps up his ruthless attacks on his former teammates, while the collateral damage earns him the ire of New York City’s newest gun-toting crime fighter. Unfortunately, what could have been an epic showdown comes off disjointed as it skips from series to series and creative team to creative team and relies far too much on fans having read other issues in order to follow along. Only a rather nasty twist ending keeps Deathtrap from being a book you should totally disavow knowledge of — a rare thing from the usually solid Titans franchise.